Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Big Blog Thank You..............

Today I want to send a big THANK YOU! to an awesome website that is having a positive impact on sharing my blog. It is called  Daily Reasons To Be Happy. Please check it out! This wonderful site is a great resource for happy and positive thoughts. They have recently included a link to my blog ~ More Than Mom Thoughts, on their list of "Inspiring Blogs".  I am honored to be included on such a list and am so appreciative to all the folks who have stopped by my blog because of Daily Reasons To Be Happy and keep coming back for more. Thank You Thank You!

A very very special THANK YOU also to all my awesome original readers and supporters who took the maiden voyage with me and are still along for the ride. You have encouraged me along the way with your comments, critiques and sharing of my postings ~ it means the world to me!

THANK YOU! shout out also to the many many readers from countries all around the world. You can't imagine how delighted I am when I check my stats and see how many folks from over 20 countries repeatedly visit my blog. (So glad I installed the translation widget on the right hand side of my blog page)

One of the visions of my blog has always been to share my thoughts, feelings and insights that have brought me aha! moments, in the hopes of brightening your day, motivating you to brighten someone's day, bringing you encouragement and perhaps even sparking your own aha! moment.

The reminder for me while writing More Than Mom Thoughts....is that there is goodness, kindness and gratitude in my Life, ready for the noticing at every turn. Touching lives in a positive way feeds my soul. There is a charge and vibe I can literally feel when being part of something that brings people together for the good of others. We all posses the ability to reach out, and something magical happens when we do! And perhaps one of the most fun things I have discovered while writing this blog is that kindness, gratitude and wanting to live positively has no language barrier. All around the world we are eager to sprinkle our lives with a bit of happiness...to then share it with others, each making our part of the world a little happier.

More Than Mom Thoughts is a link in my happiness chain and I am so appreciative you are part of it with me!

Many Blessings to you Dear Readers!

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