Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In The Shadows Of My Mind............

Today's post is my practice for silencing the mental static that creeps in when I am not noticing.

       To Do List ... In no particular order

Sit quietly and listen to instrumental piano music online, with my eyes closed

Take 4 deep breaths, slowly exhale & smile between each

Think of moments in my Life when I felt true happiness

Unplug & limit what I have to process when online

Pay close attention to the way the sun comes through a window and casts shadows. Store the memory for another time when I need to find a quiet place in my mind.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that by paying close attention I have the ability to soften the "noise" that clutters and clogs up my thoughts.  When I dash from one thing to the next I am not giving my mind the time to process and filter. Often too, I forget to make the choices that limit the intake. Less computer time more looking at shadows.....less tv time more flipping through magazines that make me smile..Hello Coastal Living!

As I monitor my mental intake, similar to food intake, I can feel better about what goes in and the happier, less stress I feel.

So join me Dear Readers as we look to ease the mental static, look for shadows and create moments to draw from when we are looking for calm.

Would love to hear your tips for quieting things down, in order to recognize happy moments in your Life!


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