Monday, March 10, 2014

Discover Your Universe.......................

"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper"  ~ Eden Phillpotts

When I read this quote I felt it's meaning right away. I believe that once we open our heart and mind to certain things(and not to mention our eyes) we notice so much more.

For example, on my quest to maintain inner peace and calm, I "see" more clearly things that help facilitate me on this journey. I have become aware of books,  classes and most importantly other people that feel a similar way! I gravitate towards the positive energy and vibe that will bring me towards my personal sense of peace.

Just as the positive energy empowers us, the negative energy can bring us down and deplete us. It is so beneficial to stay focused on the positive and you will see more of it bestowed upon resilience is strengthening us for the not so good times. 

Choose to surround yourself with those who are on a similar path and journey....Heartfelt, giving and genuine....relationships where you can each be yourselves. One of being able to see the good and share kindness, while making a difference for others.

Now this is not to say we must fake positive when things are crappy.....that's when we need to be genuine also, and find support from our family and friends(or what I like to say our "go to tribe") We all need to know we have one!

Troubles and heartache can be many, but how we perceive it lies within us. Some days are easier than others, that's for sure. Holding on to the belief that we are each the most powerful participant in our lives, can encourage us each and every day.

So let's get to sharpening our wits, and watch as we begin to experience all the magical things the universe has to offer.....and what we choose do with them.

Be mindful Dear Readers that each day holds the amazing possibility to be so much more than "just another day". 


*Special note: this is a reworked post that I previously published, that spoke to me again today ~

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