Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm Grounded...................

This is going to be a ranting post...so if you stopped by for some uplifting, be at peace with your part of the world vibe, be sure to read to the end....I get there.

The past few weeks have felt frustrating to me. It wasn't until this past weekend that I realized it was because of technology and all that is required of us to keep up/function in this day and age. 

Now I know I sound old and stuck in my ways...but really....come on enough with passwords and P.I.N. #'s, user id's and store reward cards and needing to register them online, I hit my limit. I know the cashier at Sears meant well and is required to ask, but I don't want to leave my email address, nor do I want to link points or even sign up for coupons. I simply want to use this $10.00 bill in my hand, pay for this item and walk out the door.

So on the weekend, after being on the phone for 34 minutes with Kohl's reward center asking why my earned points weren't deducting money on an online purchase, I took a breath, bit my tongue, finished the transaction and figured the technology demons were behind me. 

Back up a bit...last week in an effort to save money and have "real internet"...bye bye DSL, I switched us over to Comcast and "bundled" (because isn't everybody bundling??). Well it's Tuesday and I am still without land line phone service and Comcast is saying they are "sorry the change over didn't go smoothly!"

These few examples are just a sampling of how technology is making me nuts and I resent the time it is taking me away from the many other things I'd rather be doing. Like posting to my blog...it was feeling too long.

So this morning, I took another breath and I made sure to take the time to regroup. I walked around my home and made mental not of areas that make me smile and bring me joy. It felt good!

I then sat down with a cup a tea and decided to share my week with
you, to get it off my chest and serve as a 
reminder to you Dear Readers. Be mindful of what makes you grumbly and then ground yourself before it gets too much. With the holidays quickly approaching, there are far more enjoyable things to be doing! Time with family, counting our Blessings and just chil-axin' are on the top of my list....and I hope they are on yours as well ...and now I am grounded ~

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rballmom said...

Wow, thanks Maria - its been a funk of a week for me too for a myriad of reasons. I could have easily slipped into the technology rant - maybe over a glass of wine? Anyway, thank you for your honest and practical way of dealing with frustrating moments and reminding us that "Life is (still) Good".