Thursday, November 7, 2013

Antiques In My Mind..............

Keeping with the thought of creating moments that I am thankful and fully appreciative of, I share a recent one with you. My thought is, no matter how big or small, if they make me smile and warm my heart, I am grateful.

Yesterday I noticed the sun shining in on this bowl of apples. Now that in itself may seem minor (although I really don't think it is) but it's in taking the time to enjoy & capture the moment, that I am reminded of years gone by....and for that I am thankful! 

Both the bowl and scale are part of my kitchen. The fun thing is, both pieces were in my Nana's kitchen many many years ago. These antiques continue to connect us...and on this day, that I believe would have been her birthday, I smile and believe it was not coincidence the sun shone through on the scale and bowl for me to notice, it was Nana saying Hello!........and for that I am truly grateful!

Notice where the sun shines for you Dear Readers and may you discover a special Hello all your own ~


Lisa Valentine said...

This post is a good nudge to remind us to simply pay attention. When I do that I notice so many more of those daily gifts that get sent to us.
Sometimes the simpler the message or thought the more profound it actually is. Thanks!

Maria said...

I completely agree Linda and it always feel good to know someone else "gets it." Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your kind words.

Lori said...

"no matter how big or small, if they make me smile.... I am grateful"

This was my testimony today at church; the smile on someone's face brought about not only a smile on mine but a real sense of happiness.

It was a light in the darkness.