Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Before I Sleep

The mental lists fill my mind as I put my head to the pillow tonight. Yes, it's early to many, but I am of the belief "no thy self".  This self came in from work about an hour ago, had a quick bowl of cereal...yup that was my dinner, caught up with my family members about their days and then turned in. Then there was this tap of a mental annoyance, kind of like....."you forgot something".

I knew what it was right away. I was missing my blog and taking that much needed breath that comes when I write. So here I am, feeling reflective with Thanksgiving being tomorrow.

 My Sort Of Top Ten List of things I am thankful for, that would be sort of top ten.......... NOT sort of thankful 

10. That I live with three men who make me laugh
  9. The creative process, my thoughts and ideas
   8. Spending Thanksgiving with family
   7. My go to tribe, whether it be a call, text,'re there for me and I am thankful
   6. "Feel good" music, TV and even commercials...thank you Hallmark
   5. Crackers w/ pb&j, chocolate w/ a salt chaser, mashed potatoes with butter melting on the top
   4. The sound of singing, guitar, banjo and piano resonating in my home...those three guys are very
       talented and know how to jam
   3. Photos that match the memories of when the boys were younger
   2. The pellet stove
   1. This electric blanket that is making posting to my blog toasty

** disclosure:  I am typing this on a mobile device and not able to preview before posting, so it's
anybody's guess how it will look. Feeling goes... Because the alternative would require me to get out of bed....yeah that's not happening... Good night...and know thyself!

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