Saturday, August 24, 2013

Simple Pleasures..............

One of the perks of working at a library is the number of materials that pass through my hands on any given day. Today I had the great pleasure of discovering:  Just the little things ~ A celebration of Life’s Simple Pleasures by Nancy Vu

As I flipped through this playful book I felt right at home. The quick thoughts along with heartfelt moments that bring joy, brought a smile to my face. Here I share a few to brighten your day..hope they make you feel the same way. Some Simple Pleasures from the book that I like too include:

Drawing on a foggy window

Finally finding a comfortable sleeping position

When people are protective of you

Accomplishing something before the microwave beeps

Remembering there are good leftovers from the day before

Sleeping on freshly washed sheets

Realizing when your hiccups are gone

When someone is excited to see you

Trying something on and it fits perfectly

Watching water droplets travel across your car window

When the other person hugs back tighter

Hearing crumbs being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner

Old couples holding hands

Getting lost in a book

Would love to hear what's on your list. 

For more of Nancy Vu’s Simple Pleasures visit


Anonymous said...

An afternoon nap...uninterrupted
Hearing nothing but the sound of birds in the trees
The warmth of a dog sleeping on your feet

Anonymous said...

Floating in the pool reading a book

Looking around and realizing the entire house is clean

A lazy rainy day

Maria said...

Love these additions! Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

Driving to an old familiar destination (without GPS) not exactly sure if your on the right road, then dicovering you made it and you had gone the best possible route. This happened to me last week when I went from one end of Seekonk to a particular part of Pawtucket.... I picked one road and just stayed on it and it led me exactly where I needed to be (and it wasn't Newport Ave.) :)

Lisa Valentine said...

It really is the little things that matter, and that we too often miss when we aren't paying attention. Thanks for the reminder.
I would add:

The first fall day that requires a sweatshirt.

The smell of freshly-mowed grass or hay.

The laughter of loved ones.