Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Closer You Look...........

                                                         Photo Credit Zachery Holme

Symbols of Love are all around us! Sometimes we have to take a closer look....and perhaps use our imagination, but it is there! I have found hearts in various at the beach, in the melting snow and just this weekend I spotted one in the picture above. It has been set as my desktop for over a week and just today it hit me, I saw the Love.  So, let me know...can you see the heart in the gardening picture? Remember, sometimes in Life, we have to take a closer look.

A few of the heart rocks I have found

A heart in the melting snow, this past winter

Imagination definitely required....because love is not perfect or easily found.


Lori said...

I found it! Of course I too am trained in looking for hearts. Heart rocks adorn my landscape and I see them in nature everywhere. This one was hard to find, I admit. ♥

Maria said...

Lori, I thought of you while writing this post, knowing of your interest in finding hearts as well. So fun!