Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Early Morning Gardening..............

Well, here in the East coast we have been experiencing real high temps. Along with the 90 degree plus days, there is a humidity level that produces sweat like nobody's business. So to outsmart this cursed weather pattern (yes, I realize it's summer and this is what we get...doesn't mean I have to be in it) I have been heading into  the gardens for some weeding and pruning, around 6:15 AM...before the scorching sun comes out and sends me scurrying into the house for some much needed air conditioning.....what can I say "I find breathing important." As well as the hot weather plays an important roll of encouraging my Lazy Days of Summer theme.

One morning I decided to snap a few pictures & enjoy some of the benefits of my  work.

So my message for today Dear Readers is "take time for you, notice the beauty around you and incorporate some Lazy Days of Summer moments into your day. You deserve it!"


Still upright before the heat of the day...
both the gardens and me!

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