Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Gift...My Reminder

Every once in a while we can all use a tangible reminder.  A reminder that, when we look at it, tells us we've taken time to think of ourselves...we matter.....we make a difference...we are appreciated.

Now rereading what I just typed makes me feel that I need to clarify,  it's not like I don't receive those reminders from my loved ones...just sometimes they feel a little sparse, in comparison to all that I am doing and what I need. There I said it! A tad whiney I know ...but it's how I was feeling  when I walked into a wonderful little gift shop, last week.

I wishfully looked through a collection of bracelets and then decided to purchase one,  just for me.......just because!  At checkout I was asked if it was a gift...indeed it is I answered. She then thoughtfully wrapped the box and handed it to me.....thank you very much I grinned!

Be kind to yourself dear readers. Whether it be a little gift wrapped something.....just for you....just because, time to yourself, a pampering treat or a visit with friends. Keep yourselves full so that you may have enough to give to others and perpetuate the acts of goodness that help us kiss the world with kindness.


Linda Campbell-Oldro said...

Maria, what a beautifully worded reminder. Thank you for sharing this!

Maria said...

Thanks, Linda, Your comment means a lot! The special gift shop was actually Twigs, on Main St. in town.