Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little More Kindness...The Original

This past weekend while attending an art show, I was reminded of how a simple gesture of kindness can truly bring on a smile....for everyone involved!

While enjoying the artistic displays and items for sale, we found ourselves in the  "Children Artist Section". This area was great....children ranging from ages 6 - 12 had their tables set up to sell their own artwork. There was such a wide variety of art and these mature little people, manning their booths were fantastic!

I had the great pleasure of meeting (if I had to guess 9 year old) Liam. He sat at a 6 foot long table with simply a pile of stapled papers being held down by a rock to battle the breezes and a sign in a Lucite frame that read "Liam's comic books only one dollar". I had to take a look. I asked him about his work. With a smile on his face he shared with me that there were five comics he had written and illustrated (didn't have time to color) included in the packet and the last one was his favorite...because it was funny and you have to turn it over to see the ending. I offered him a dollar to purchase a copy and his smile got bigger...I asked him if he could autograph it and his smile got even bigger. I explained I wanted his autograph "so that when you.." before I finished he filled in "I am going to be a cartoonist when I grow up"! So very dear.

It was a great exchange meeting Liam. Seeing his ambition at such a young age and the joy on his face when I took the time to chat and buy his comic book.

I'll be the first to admit I've slipped lately with efforts towards random smile energy....aargh Life getting in the way. But summer is here and there are plenty of opportunities to make them happen. I'm thinking kids & lemonade stands here I come! 

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