Sunday, June 9, 2013

Little More Kindness......

This morning my family and I had the pleasure of attending an art show with artisans from near and far.  We walked around appreciating their talents. I was certainly liking some pieces more than others, "something for everyone" kinds of thoughts entered my mind. Regardless if it was my taste or not, I could certainly appreciate/admire the time, energy and hard work these artists put into something they believe in so much.

I'm envious of that! The perseverance, the determination and the insight to pull it together. My mind frequently races with the many interests I have and what I can "do" with them. Along with the racing thoughts, an overwhelming feeling quickly creeps in and the promise of tackling it fades and I let it go.

Then the rational side of my brain says "wait a minute, you wanted to compose and offer a presentation of Connect With Your did check! You wanted to establish a grassroots group of artists in your community to network and support each other and that is under that gets a check! 

And a year and a half ago you wanted to start a blog, share positiveness, sprinkled with kindness, as well as reach out to others and share your own aha! moments in the hopes of bringing one to light for them. So with the blog counter at 8,893 I think we can safely say ....check." 

Now back to the other side of my brain...Oh My Gosh it just hit me!!!! If the rational side of my brain has the realistic thoughts, the opposite of that is irrational, which is perhaps where I spend a bunch of my time....I think I do!

So now I carry on, and rather than experiencing obstacles and overwhelming road blocks, I envision all that I am able to accomplish because of the awareness of putting the rational side of my brain in the forefront. Also, so very important, through it all there is the underlining desire to want to move forward...and that feels a whole lot better than going backwards!

Now my suggestion to you dear readers is to see where your rational and irrational thoughts are taking you...they can take you places you don't even realize you have been. Take stock in all that you do and all that you still want to do....after all we are each the ring master in our own circus of Life!

Blog Post Side Note: Ok so when I started today's post with the title "Little More Kindness" and right through the first two sentences, I was going in a totally different direction. Still about attending the art show, but somehow my thoughts took a turn, ending with the above post. I just went with over thinking... which resulted in just where my mind was taking me while I typed.

Seems as though, once again dear readers, you witnessed the scattered thoughts of this blogger...sure do appreciate you coming along for the ride.

In Wednesday's post I will share my original thoughts of the young cartoonist Liam that I met....or maybe I won't...we'll have to see where these fingers take me. 

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