Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mom Pangs.......

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The past few weeks I have found myself retrieving parenting advice I had previously heard and stored in the "hold on to it until the need arises" part of my brain.

OK so, the need was arising and I was looking for answers...and then realized, I can't be the only fact, recent chat with friends yielded the same pangs with their teens and young adults. So here goes, I'm sharing useful nuggets that helped me wrap my brain around my Mom pangs. Plug in your own frustration and give these thoughts a ponder.

We have poured into them, our love and nurturing, judgement and Life skills, compassion and guidance. We look for evidence they have retained it by their behavior and choices they make.

When we see the opposite, we ask ourselves "what did I miss, why don't they "get it?" The thing is's the nugget now....all that we put in to them is still in there and will reveal itself at different times. It is their discovery and independence coming through. They have all that we have provided and they will draw from it when we least expect it. It will never be all at once and we don't know when, we just have to take comfort in knowing that they will!"

Secondly, the stresses that we create with trying to pave the way for our children in the hopes of their Life running smoothly, can sometimes act as a disservice. Nugget Alert..."smooth now means bumpy later, when they try to figure it out on their bumpy now is smoother later." 

The joys and pangs that come with being a Mom are plentiful. Each coming and going with it's own ebb an flow. Sometimes it's smooth sailing and other times we need to weather the storm. The constant through out it all is the foundation of love we set, serving as the driving force to see clearly these sweet children of ours, are truly their own person, looking to shine..and make us smile along the way....oh hey that may be a nugget and it's from me...

Last nugget is mine too......recognize the joys even when they are small, because they are really just the tip of the iceberg, with so much more to discover underneath.

Now a shout to my own boys (because I like to believe this may just be the time they decide to read my blog)

I love being your Mom! You are both amazing young men who have taught me a great deal. We may weather our own turbulent moments but they come in between all the joyous sunshine we share in our family...and always remember "I love you to the moon and back....magnified really well...."

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