Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Pictures......Random Thoughts.....

Have been enjoying putting the yard back together after a very long winter. Finding this tin back on the arbor gate, brightens my day! I'm a quote girl. When I see words that make me think or sums up how I feel......I feel validated.

This hydrangea reminds me of an afternoon last summer when I was dashing around on errands and getting caught up in the rush. I took the time to take this picture, because it reminded me of the importance of "taking a breath" and enjoying the beauty around me. There is so much to see!

Some father and son bonding time to celebrate an awesome Dad turning 50. Here my three guys take I say a silent prayer from the ground. Highly recommend this very special treat from Balloon Fantasie of Rehoboth 

It's getting to be that Bohemian time of year for me. Long cotton skirts, earthy bracelets, Bob Marley tunes and let's not forget a henna tattoo....I'm due!

Love the beach...but not like in my teenage years. Now I prefer early morning or late day visits. Gone are the days of basking in the sun for hours and going back for more the next day. Older and wise I like to say.

19 years ago we purchased this 300 year old, run down farmhouse. Out back in one of the neglected gardens we found a few Siberian Iris' growing under an old Dogwood tree. We transplanted them to a sunny spot, in the hope of their multiplying. Well, multiply they did! All these years later, they now line our stone walls, white fence, gardens and shovelfuls have gone to family and friends. I love that one small action would have beautiful results for years to come!

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