Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love In A Jar.................

This past weekend, my family and I had the great pleasure of celebrating my Dad's 80th birthday. Our plan was a specific one, to fill the gathering with heartfelt moments that convey our enormous love for him.

One of the highlights was a "Love Jar"! What is that you ask??? Well, I'm going to tell you, because it may just be an idea you want to bestow on a loved one in your Life. (I should have timed this post for Valentine's Day if I had been thinking...oh well...never to late for a "just because") 

So go ahead and write/type out special memories, what you love, what you appreciate or what you are thankful for about your special someone. Once when the boys were little, we did a Love Jar for my husband for Father's Day. Included were things like "Dad I like it when you read me books and you make funny voices" another "thank you for playing trucks with me on the floor" (you know that means total commitment to a child, when Mom or Dad get down on the floor to play.)

Once your feelings are captured on paper, simply cut them into strips - fortune cookie style - and put them into a jar. Decorating the outside of it is fun too. That is where I include a message for the special recipient....something like "Take a look and you will see, just how very special you are to me!" I've also used  "When you're feeling down and blue, just take a peek inside to see all we love about you!" 

At the celebration for my Dad, his opening the Love Jar was heartwarming and memorable. He started by saying..."Oh I'll just read a couple now"....well, he just kept going.....and going. The thirteen of us had provided handfuls of memories, appreciation and words of thanks. With a smile on his face, he read each and every one out loud, as we all eagerly listened, shared in laughter and reminisced....quality family moments in the making!

Memories were shared & memories were made this past weekend...simply by capturing our feelings of Love and putting them in a jar.

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