Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So Glad We Are Still Friends..............

What I feel like sharing right now

Live genuinely with yourself and those in your Life

Approach and stand up to the things that make you apprehensive with a sense of hope and believe there is something good there

Really listen and use your words thoughtfully

Make the effort in relationships when they truly matter

Don't take for granted the special people in your Life...
Tell Them!

Hug often....Love greatly

Discover what truly matters to you ~ THAT is your beacon

Make that phone call

The above list is a pep talk to MYSELF. When I started this blog over a year ago, I said "I will put out there what I am thinking at the time I sit down to write". Well, today I was thinking "I could use a refresher because I am losing focus of what is important to me."  In coming up with the list, I was reminded that there are so many opportunities around us to "live, learn and grow". Sitting and listening through the quiet, is a great place to start ~ 

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