Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Building Off Nemo................

Recent storm Nemo left behind over 2 ft of snow in many areas. As well as power outages, downed limbs, refrigerator aisles empty in the market and many things to catch up on, like laundry, dishes and canceled appointments. Which all proved to be frustrating and annoying to say the least!

But here's the thing..Mother Nature, as nasty as she can be, provides opportunities for humanity to shine. The silver lining, (if even ever so tiny in comparison) of blizzards, hurricanes and tropical storms, are the heartfelt and long lasting images of people reaching out to help.

At times of overwhelming weather conditions, people pull together like super heroes! 
There is unconditional and unspoken help that just appears. You can see an example of this in the * Sea Bright Rising project, filmed after Super Storm Sandy. The amazing strength and dedication of others is displayed in this heartwarming fourteen minute documentary.

On a greatly smaller scale, we saw helping hands towards others this past weekend on the East coast once the snow stopped. My family and I ventured out to my parent's house to be spoiled with heat, food and family bonding time. Once at their street we brazenly proceeded through the unplowed Pawtucket snowy mess. Well, sure enough we got stuck 30 ft. from their driveway. 

With a few more spins of the tires and  our pick up was wedged in the snow. As I looked through the rear view mirror I saw a young man with a shovel walking towards us. He helped shovel us out and made our job so much easier and quicker.

We saw it all weekend...neighbors helping neighbors. Bonding over the daunting task of snow removal and difficult conditions. Co workers and friends shared similar stories as well. Their streets came alive with team shoveling, generator hook up help and offering warm places to stay. It does feel good when you make an effort and others benefit.

Perhaps these times of pulling together can serve as gentle reminders or a more forceful nudge if we need it, to extend a helping hand more often than not.....connect with others in a way that let's them know we are here for them. The sweet reward will come back to us in many ways and give an additional meaning to the Circle of Life!

* The Sea Bright Rising piece can be viewed without joining the site. Simply click on "watch" once on the site:Sea Bright Rising

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