Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Rush.....................


I've got it.....that "it's all new", "let's mix things up", "anything is possible" new year feel. So as these feelings of invincibility race through me, my practical side reels it in a bit and tries to tame the fire inside.

But what if I didn't, what if I ran with it for as long as the feelings remain, see what happens, toss to the wind the cautious and protective Me. The one that generally has to plan and be precise to keep anxiety in check???

Quite honestly in the past year and a half I have exhaled a great deal. I have seen the advantages (and some disadvantages) of easing the strains I frequently impose on myself. Today I feel ready to ease things a bit more. It is actually the unknown that is intriguing that's a change.

That decides it.....I'm forging ahead with this New Year feel, this power and inner strength, while asking myself  "is it building momentum in my quests?" and all I can come up with is....Hell ya' here goes...kicking off 2013 and jumping in! ....Join me??

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