Sunday, January 6, 2013

Take a Ride.................

Well, the weather is getting colder here in New England, which translates into me becoming a hermit of sorts. I prefer to stay warm indoors and not feel the chill on my face for any length of time. Although my sons would be the first to announce that its pretty darn chilly in our 320 year old farmhouse. And well, they are right, but the chill in here is a whole lot warmer than the chill out there.

A perk to being an indoor creature is the many things I can work on. As the temperature dips outside (and yes boys inside too) I take part in projects for both the house and my own personal growth.

This past week I have busied myself with cleaning and organizing to get rid of and simplify. On the personal front, I have been working on increasing viewership of my blog and preparing for a talk I will be giving in mid March. Definitely the later two are more enjoyable to me in both a scary and exciting kind of way.

When I spoke in my New Year Rush post on January 2nd, I shared my need to tackle something out of my comfort zone. Well, I've picked something...... I am putting together a "Connect With Your Life" presentation. It certainly falls into the category of "firsts" and its something that has been on my mind for several months. I will talk about how positive thoughts and energy, as well as recharging my Life to stay connected has brought calm and peace into my days as well as feel good moments. OK certainly not everyday, all day...but calm, peace and positive energy more than I had, so I'll take it. The benefits for myself and others are plentiful and that's what I want to share.

As I wrote and rewrote all that I want to share in the class, I quickly ran into problems that felt overwhelming and halted my writing/thought process. My first reaction was to walk away. Stop working on it and figuring the feeling of being overwhelmed would be gone. Then it hit's not a problem at all, it is a challenge and an opportunity. I stuck with it and pushed through. I did a re eval and realized in the case of struggling to capture my thoughts in the order I want to present them, I could instead write them out separately and then number them in the order I want to share them..and keep in mind the "hiccup" part for me is knowing I won't be reading them, I want to speak from my heart and own personal experiences. 

The opportunity of taking on something that I consider "out there" for me, is an amazing chance to put into play the techniques I have been using over the past year and a half. One of calming, facing fears and listening to my inner voice, all helps guide me. I remind myself that the racy anxious feeling means I am onto something that matters!! My journey is one of both the known and unknown. Along the way I am learning so much about myself and others. I can't imagine not having this experience!

Think about your own challenges that present themselves. There are opportunities there!!! Let's grab hold and see where we can soar. There will be ups and downs through it all, but we can hold on real tight and enjoy the ride together. 

Feel free to message me through a comment. I don't have to publish it if you would rather correspond separately...just let me know. We can be here to support each other...after all..... It's what the ride is all about!

                                         Children's Art Girl Flying A Kite 8.5 X 11 Print
                                            illustration courtesy of dreamy giraffe

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