Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year End...........

Well folks it's here....the end of 2012. It causes me to pause and think of what I did and didn't accomplish this past year. It's certainly more fun to focus on the "did do" list rather than the alternative. 

One of the powerful "did do" things for me this year was, to "ask myself questions." As odd as it sounds, a few key questions can guide and motivate me, which then lends itself to keeping me on track with my goals.

I think it falls into the "stay true to me" category....or maybe more like a "pep talk" sort of thing, not quite sure just yet. For example as simple as asking "will this matter tomorrow?" or "does this bring me closer to my goal of making a positive difference in people's lives?" helps ground me. Both questions allow me to think a little before doing something. It keeps me aware of where I place value.

Additionally, various questioning allows me to consider if I am viewing something rationally or not, and that then eases stress and anxiety for that has been a positive "did do" for certain.  I think for me it goes back to the idea of building momentum on the positive & good, as a way to provide structure and guidance to my day.  It creates more feel good moments, rather than conflict and glass half empty kind of thoughts do.

So looking towards 2013, I will focus on the good that we can bring into each others lives. I will continue to question myself as a means of moving forward, I will step out of my self imposed box a little bit more...I will remind myself that the racing, anxious feeling that takes over sometimes, is a pretty good indication that I am onto something BIG.... I will continue on my journey to maintain inner Peace, I will disprove my thoughts/theory that "odd" year years are negative beyond their numeric value....I will begin and end each day with a Thank You and pray for the ability to keep my heart and mind open, in order to acknowledge and appreciate all the goodness in my Life!  

Sending to you dear readers wishes of Peace, Laughter and Good Health in the New Year ~


Sharon Carney said...

Thank you for posting such a wonderful positive blog. Wishing you a happy and positive new year! :)

Sharon Carney said...

What a positive and uplifting blog. Thanks for posting - hope you have a happy and prosperous new year! :)