Sunday, November 18, 2012


Turkey is in the oven, cans of black olives, cranberry sauce and corn are at the ready to be opened..table is set and all the other "must do" items on the Thanksgiving To Do list are almost done.

The beauty is family and I are celebrating Thanksgiving in just a few hours. Family is on their way in from NY, as the smell of turkey wafts through our home.

We have had this tradition for several years....different years for different reasons...but all about family & being together. I must say it's much easier having it are not crazy busy, turkey selection is plentiful, travel is smoother with less people on the road and the "other" Thanksgiving on the Thursday, can be about visiting just my husband's side of the family and we don't have to dash off. 

Perhaps the most beautiful part is the additional time to reflect on all that I am thankful for. I will share with you just a few. Now before you read my list...don't get me wrong I am so very Thankful for family, health and being together...but now I am going to share other things that I appreciate and give thanks for all year long.

                      The warmth of the electric blanket as I crawl into bed 

      Laughter & shouts of father & son playing Madden Football on the Wii
                                       Crisp, bright sunny mornings

                               Tea and toast w/ a dab of peanut butter

                                 The words "can I get you anything?"

             Sound of "love you"...each morning before my oldest son leaves  
             for school or says goodbye on the phone

                    My thoughts, words and a clear mind to process them
          The whisper of "wake me if you need anything" before my husband
          falls asleep

         ....and yes the gift of family, friends and the feeling of being Loved!



Leann said...

What a lovely way to drift off to sleep :-)

Having the holiday early is a powerful plan. Thanksgiving can be anytime and anywhere.

I hope you enjoyed your family and I am thankful for you and your words of wisdom. Blessed be.

Maria said...

Hi Leann,
Thank you for taking the time to brighten my day. You are so thoughtful to leave a comment.
Our celebration was just wonderful. Full of laughter, heartfelt gratitude, and yummy food.
Best Wishes to you!