Monday, October 8, 2012

Reader's Questions....

From time to time I am asked questions about my blog. So here we go....
a FAQ post........

Do you sit down and write an entry all at once?
Generally, yes. However, before I sit at the computer I've played around with an idea or two during the course of the previous days. Whether it be a title or theme for the post, I make a mental note of it. Today, while out on errands I had a pretty twisted thought that was far from my typical writings, and it made me think "I should blog about My Cluttered Mind"....and then I quickly thought 'how can I tie it into something positive and upbeat?"...and then I thought "but my blog is about the various parts of me and this is me right now" as you can see, I can be all over the place, and need to gather & organize myself mentally before I write.

Do family members mind when you mention them?
To my knowledge No.....not that they have said. I have been conscious to consider their feelings and realize they didn't sign up to share themselves with the world....I did, about me. When in doubt, they read it before I post, with the understanding that I will scrap it if they rather I don't share it. But to be honest,I don't think my boys read my blog on a regular basis, so I could probably write just about anything.....oh the power I hold......

Why are you doing it?
The answer to this question has changed over the year since the conception of my blog. Initially I wanted to tackle something that was clearly out of my wheelhouse. The technological piece felt overwhelming and I wanted to work on something until I got it......this clearly fit that bill.  Also, I had made the decision in my Life that I wanted to find inner peace and sort through some of the anxiety and stresses that held me back. Sharing, at times, can be freeing and I have found that, for the most part, this experience of writing a blog has provided that. So  basically for those reasons I jumped in without my floaties!

Advance to now, a year later and I continue the blog because I like the feeling it gives me! I continue to learn a great deal about myself, as well as others. Kindness, positive living and touching lives with smiles clearly translates in any language.....I can randomly be heard joyfully shouting (in our home) the latest country my blog has been viewed in. I mean c'mon kinda cool....currently ten different ones .....Russia is in the lead after the US. It still makes me giggle...I'm a simple girl who's world is pretty small, (by choice) so knowing someone in Pakistan or the Ukraine just read my blog...... makes me smile. 

Any "Nay Sayers" to your face?
Sure thing....I've been told I am too naive and that good deeds shouldn't be talked or written about. My response went something like this....."Screw You"....oops!.... have I crossed a line here?? Seriously though, I simply responded "I don't consider myself naive, I'd rather say that I am hopeful & that I believe in people and the power they have to touch lives with kindness"..... And secondly, "my reason for writing/sharing random good deeds I have done is to encourage others and validate those who already do. It's about creating a good feeling for someone, and I like being a part of that!!

What's with the title.....More Than Mom Thoughts?
Initially when I began the blog I didn't know what direction my writings would take me. I had contemplated tips and techniques that helped me when the boys were little...then I thought about writing about my years of volunteering at my kids schools and the difference and support parents can make for teachers.....and then I realized I wanted it to be more than mom thoughts and I wanted it to include my thoughts and feeling concerning Life and our interactions with each other.........and here we are!

This blog ride has been a wild and fun one, that I look forward to both continuing and broadening.  The wheels are turning and my dreams for 2013 are in the making! Definitely a "stay tuned" kind of feeling.

Thank you shout out to those who encourage and motivate me...somewhere I read........."Life is a journey, and we are all walking each other home"....indeed we are...indeed we are! more thing....keep in mind you can always contact me via the "comment" option at the end of a post and ask your own question. It is not public until I publish it, so if you rather I don't make it public, just ask.

Peace & Be Well ~

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