Sunday, October 14, 2012

Foundations Are Built, One Brick At A Time..................

Within each day there are moments to love, moments to treasure, moments to forget and moments to learn. Recently, I have tried to find an overlap in each. This focus has allowed me the insight to fully appreciate each experience for what they are see the value they hold in my Life. 

I believe in things happening for a reason, I believe in fate and I believe that sometimes there are things that can't be explained and there we learn the ever important meaning of......acceptance!

This past week for me, had been one of uncertainty & feeling a tad lost. A sense of ambivalence showered over me....keeping it to myself.... with the comfort of knowing I have many turn to if I so desire. First couple of days I questioned a great deal, then for the next few days I scoured for answers and then yesterday...I came to the realization that it was ok and didn't need to be over analyzed. I let the feelings flow through me as if a way to process them.  

The acceptance allowed the weight to be lifted, the lightness allowed a ceasing of the  ambivalence and the combination of the two allowed relief.

What I came to understand: there are moods, phases, questions, blips them what you will... that show up and sometimes stick around a little longer than we like or feel comfortable with. They have their own show contradiction, to allow us to connect with a variety of emotions and be open to the ever evolving beings we are, as we continue to learn. I'm not one to shut the door or ignore what is in front of me. It starts as a pebble, goes to a stone and sometimes, like this past week for me, it takes a brick...but eventually I got it and that's what truly matters!

As I finish this post, the song changes on Pandora and I think it sums it up pretty precisely...Thanks to the Beatles for reminding us, we should all..........Let It Be!

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Deirdre said...

You know what else I have noticed, that even though (and I believe this too) we evolve (we grow up, some of our ideals change, some of the views we once held so important change too), those who were with us in our infancy, do not allow enough room for growth, for grace, for forgiveness. The very thing they 'preach' they do not live....But that should not stop the person who is growing. We continue to fight the giants of disapointment and shame, realize our short-comings and continue on.