Sunday, September 9, 2012

Easier Going Up..............

Periodically I will say something in conversation that clicks and I think....ahhh that's feeling blog post worthy. While chatting with a friend recently I had one of those moments. We were talking about how momentum in doing something leads to motivation to keep doing it. Whether it be cleaning that annoying closet, getting up early to exercise...ugh! or random acts of kindness to brighten some one's day. The more you do it, the more routine it becomes and the easier it is to accomplish.

That's when it hit me "it's as if when you stick with something long enough to become routine, you are then on an escalator (metaphorically speaking in Life), taking you along instead of tirelessly climbing stairs. You don't have to work quite so hard to get where you are going on the escalator!"

I have found this to be true with a handful of things and I like the results I find. For example, back to the exercising.....Initially getting out of a slumber state 45 minutes prior to really needing to get my day started was grossly tough. I fought it....ok maybe for too many years, but of recent I have broken through that obstacle and get up early to go on the treadmill. By doing it repeatedly I'm actually liking that before the "house wakes up" time. I plug in to some motivational videos on YouTube.....keep in mind we all have different ways of being motivated and for me ....ok I'll go there....I watch flash mobs, Glee music numbers or just Google..."people being happy". It all charges me up and distracts me for the task at hand. Before you know it I've walked two and a quarter miles and I'm ready for the day.  It didn't happen easily, but it built it's own momentum and the part of getting out of bed is more like an "escalator" activity now rather than climbing stairs.

So go ahead and take on something that you know you will benefit from......or others too........ Stick with it...... build your own momentum and take your own personal escalator for a little easier this journey we call Life!


Anonymous said...

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Maria said...

Thanks for the support and kind words, Anon.
I appreciate you stopping by my blog and taking the time to share your thoughts.
Be Well,