Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out Of My Way...........

I did it again today....shared a thought with a stranger of what I was thinking. Thankfully, I do have a filter and it was all good.....we even shared a smile. He brought it out in me and I figured letting him know, could brighten his he did mine.

I was circling a parking lot, looking for a place to park, when I noticed two young store employees  sitting on the curb taking their break. Idly approaching was an elderly women using a walker. As she got closer to the door the teen employee instinctively got up and opened the door for her!

This act of kindness made me smile. I made it a point to go over to the employee once I entered the store and he had returned. Now, I've got to say he was hesitant and his demeanor was defensive as I said "excuse me, I saw what you did". I mentioned what I observed and thanked him for making me smile and certainly making the elderly women's day a little easier. He broke out into the biggest grin!! He seemed so surprised and taken aback by the compliment. Which is really too bad that in our society it is uncommon for people to speak kindly to someone they don't know.

There is really something wrong with that.....but we can change it!!

When on the receiving end of customer service that makes me smile.... I say something. Repeatedly a carriage attendant at a local discount store here in town has shouted across the parking lot "how are you doing today" upon customer's arrival or "have a good day" when leaving. It always brightens my day. One time after being wished a good day as I loaded my car, I phoned the store  manager. (that must by why they put the store phone number on the receipt right??)  I simply explained how great it was to have interaction with such a pleasant employee and what an asset he is to the company. My comment was met with a warm welcome. 

How amazing it would be if people started sharing a bit more kindness with people they encounter throughout their day, especially folks they don't even know. We have the power to touch lives and the reward is so great....for everyone involved. 

I can just picture it on the 6:00 news "a larger number of happy people have been reported and the reason seems to be due to an increased number of people who don't know each other, speaking kindly to one another!" 

The way I look at it, even if we increase it by just one person a day and they are then compelled to share it with someone else, we can start a our own Kindness Movement. One positive thought shared at a time ~ 

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