Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quiet Joy.........

There is a calmness to a Life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy. ~ Ralph Blum

Today I am grateful for.....

That bit of cool air coming through my open window

The smell of muffins...my son & friend are making

Laughter coming from the kitchen

Hummingbird in the garden

Email photo of my son in NY..... smiling from ear to ear

Waking to a clean bedroom....because I made the effort yesterday

Visiting with a friend...just sitting, sharing & learning

Gentle smell of mint as I step through the garden

Knowing that I will be with family & friends for dinner tonight

The creative thoughts & desires that fill my mind
 Each day as I acknowledge all that I am grateful for, it causes me to slow down and truly "hear" the quiet joy & calmness that is present in my Life !

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