Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Now" is the time................

"We will forever be known by the tracks we leave behind" ~ Dakota proverb

School is out and we are in summer mode. We kicked off the summer together, a family of four, celebrating Father's Day, just us at a beach house "doing nothing" and having it all! There were naps, board games, lots of laughter, walks, searches for sea glass, curling up with a book, singing at the top of our lungs to Bob Marley, waving to people passing by, just being...a happy family!

As parents we cherish this time with our teenage boys, we know in the blink of an eye we will be in another "phase" in our lives. Still enjoying each other, but schedules not so readily allowing for stretches of time together. It feels so important to make it together...... now....enjoy each!

Living in the "now" has become so prevalent to me in the last five weeks. In that time, five people I know, directly or indirectly, have passed away. It has caused my thoughts to reflect even more than usual on Life and the importance of family and loved ones in it.

If the tracks I leave are embedded with memories of my hugging a little longer, whispering words of love a little closer, listening more intently, extending compassion and patience more freely, touching lives with kindness and living in the moment..... I will have lived a successful and genuine Life!  Living, to leave those I love with special memories and a feeling of being loved and how greatly they matter...enough to last their Lifetime!

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