Sunday, May 20, 2012

What I Noticed Today..................

Glistening dew on the grass, first thing this morning

The ivory edges of the variegated hostas

Chipmunk peeking out of a hole

That I was already planning in my head what to chat about with my BFF tomorrow morning, because I don't want to forget a thing

People singing and laughing in a passing car

The gentle scent of wild roses, chives and mint while gardening

That hugs from my teenage sons feel that bit more special because it's not always the coolest thing to do

The warmth of a towel just out of the dryer, brings flashbacks of
when the boys were little and we'd snuggle up while "folding" laundry

 Online conversation with two special friends warms my heart

5 hours of heavy yard work = 2 Tylenol, a hot shower and early to bed

Hanging out around the fire pit with my family brings a smile to my face

Crickets and fireflies mean childhood summer to me

And lastly, I noticed.....that upon finishing this post I'm already looking forward to noticing so many more things tomorrow!

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