Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Great Escape....................

While performing a mindless task at work yesterday, I was reminded of the beauty of our own thoughts and the power we have within. Now don't get me wrong, I let my mind wander, only in a work related direction. Crazy right? I felt guilty when I initially started daydreaming about my personal "To Do" list, but quickly reeled it back in and kept it work related. 

I developed my thoughts, ideas and suggestions of how I would "engage the community". It made my task at hand more enjoyable..ok maybe not enjoyable...but it made the time pass and I felt more productive. 

It got me thinking or more accurately reminded me, the power we always have within...Our thoughts!! We can brainstorm, strategize or simply escape for a little bit. I do believe it is our responsibility to listen and really hear that inner voice and do something with it! Easier said than done, no doubt.

So that I wouldn't forget, I actually wrote down my work thoughts yesterday, with the hope that maybe my ideas could come to fruition.(fun word...fruition..wonder if it comes from "fruit" of hard work) Realizing though "hope" is not how ideas become a reality, now it's up to me to run with it and take the next step. That is where inner strength really comes into play.

So I challenge you ...what are your thoughts telling you? Is there a reoccurring idea that wants/needs to be nurtured? Something that can make a difference for you or others?? Listen within!!

The way I look at it is......moving forward and accomplishing small steps is more than if I hadn't taken any steps at all. I work towards building momentum and the results it can bring......and if it gets overwhelming, my escape is simply...... a daydream away!

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