Monday, May 28, 2012

Release the pressure..............

Knowing that school summer vacation is a mere weeks away I both brace and embrace all that it will mean.

In my constant quest to be at peace, or more accurately stated "to find ways" to be at peace, I have begun redefining my structure of living.

Here's just one example to better explain myself: By wanting things "just so" neat, clean, organized and any other unrealistic task that requires others I live with to uphold......I am setting myself up for frustration and pressure ...which translates/results in the opposite of peace.

So given these guidelines, I'm trying to "soften" what feels ok. Tolerate perhaps a more lenient  acceptable level of neat, clean and organized. I try to convey that in my actions.

Quieter voice, less scrunched up face when I speak, and being aware not to use phrases like "what were you thinking???.... of course a wet towel left in a lump will attract water bugs"!

I have come to realize that saying things like that only increases my stress and doesn't necessarily get me the results I want anyway.

Why didn't I make this connection before:  to release the pressure one must loosen the tight hold of whatever is causing the pressure! For me wanting things "just right" ( by that I mean "MY just right") is the tourniquet creating the pressure. So moving forward if I notice a wet towel on the floor I will simply approach the guilty person, point to the towel and say "now".

I'm thinking I am on to something. Now I'll probably hear things like "mom has lost it" or "have you noticed mom isn't talking as much"? Which quite honestly is fine with me, because the next sentence from them will hopefully be..."yeah, but she sure does seem pretty relaxed lately ".  Bring it on summer....I'm ready!

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