Monday, February 6, 2012

Something Good.................

Recently I was asked what I see myself doing in five years. While the specifics are not yet clear to me,  I was able to share what it will involve.

What I know for sure.....I want to be an essential part of something good! I want to feel the vibe of people working together, as we make a difference for others, touching lives and adding value!

My path is not exact just yet, nor do I feel it needs to be. As long as the steps that I am taking are leading me in the right direction, I am content....and that feels good!

On my quest, I am becoming more aware and tailoring my surroundings to include people I want to spend time with, activities I want to participate in and pursuing areas I want to learn more about. Also, asking myself if the time I am spending on something is moving me forward.......closer to my goal?  

Defining my goal, as broad as it is at this time, provides me with direction and motivation.  I challenge myself to approach each and everyday with an open heart and mind, to all the possibilities that are before me.....and the ones I make up along the way!

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