Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a New Year.................

For reasons that escape me, since a very young age I have liked "even" years rather than "odd".  They sound better to me and feel more natural to me. You don't have to understand it.....I certainly don't,  it's just how it is.

So I welcome 2012 with open arms!

I am not a big resolution person. Understandably, since I don't like pressure or not sticking to something. (never had a chance right)?? Rather I decide on various aspects I would like to include in my life. My thought is "if I do it a little, it is more than before I started"......Then I've accomplished it....Yay Me!

This year the things I want to incorporate into my life actually conflict with each other...go figure, talk about challenging.

I would like to get up to speed with technology in areas of increasing visibility of my blog. I take comfort in thinking perhaps in some slight way my words can enlighten, inspire or validate someone in even a small way.

The second focus I would like to embrace in my life is simplifying!  Mentally and physically. Creating personal inner peace that can then be shared with others.

So I've got my work cut out for me and I'd like to share my progress or lack of, as I go along.  No promises!

It's a new year that's looking pretty "even" right now, but deep down I know it may turn "odd" pretty quickly.


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