Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Happiness.............

I've been thinking about sharing happiness and how it has the potential to gain momentum once we start sharing it with others!

While waiting in a long check out line a couple of days before Thanksgiving, I started chatting with an elderly women in front of me. She was telling me how she had to stop shopping before getting everything she needed, because she was exhausted. I asked if I could run and get anything else for her, but she declined?

Poor dear was wearing an oxygen mask and looked so fatigued.  When we got to the conveyor belt I asked her if it would be ok if I unloaded her cart for her. She grinned and said "oh dear that would make me so happy". I couldn't imagine her lifting the turkey out of the carriage...and I just loved being called "dear".  So she rested a moment while I unloaded her items. I told her "that's what we do, we all take care of each other and it works out".

While she was paying, she gave the cashier the sale flyer to ensure she would get the turkey for 48 cents a lb. Such a deal I chimed in "do you need the flyer to get that sale price"? In unison they replied "yes". I then grinned at my new friend and she said "take my flyer I'm done with it...... and now I'm helping you out"!

When it was my turn I started chatting with the cashier and asked if it was hard dealing with this Thanksgiving craze? She said "when customers are pleasant it makes all the difference". The gentlemen behind me then joined in and told a funny story that had us all chuckling.

The momentum of happiness indeed kicks in and can turn things around...... it's something I like being a part of it.

I walked out of the market thinking......full circle moment of happiness right there...our lives were touched!

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patience said...

love this statement... "that's what we do, we all take care of each other and it works out" feels familiar and true- just had a similar conversation with my garbage men last your words and heart!