Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Personal S.O.S.

When my boys were much younger and I was a "stay at home Mom" I was big into lists to organize my days. OK truth be told, to keep me sane. Each night before I went to bed I listed my intinerary for the next day...laundry, vacuum, errands etc. The most beneficial item I put on those lists were S.O.S !

Something Of Substance = Time for me, doing something that nurtures my soul !

It was tough to get myself to take the time without feeling guilty. I then began to realize that by my taking that time for Me, I was a happier Mom! And as the saying goes "Happy Mom... Happy House" !  (or wait did I make that up)??

Back then my Me time was very limited and my S.O.S. consisted of briefly enjoying a cup of tea and flipping through a magazine, while the boys napped. I cherished it ! As they got older, nap time started to wean and I needed a plan "B".  "B" as in Barney!  I would pop in a video and tell the boys "Mom needs her Black and Decker" time. They understood this concept....I told them I needed to recharge just like the dust buster, so I had energy to keep going!

Even now as they are 14 and 18,  I still make S.O.S time happen. It is redefined and consists of larger blocks of time that still nurture my soul. Actually this blog project is part of my Something Of Substance as well as attending meditation classes and reading books that inspire me. (the one I am reading now will most likely be included in my next post...good stuff)

The whole concept of S.O.S started so many years ago as a fleeting thought, but has made a positive difference in our family. Who knew?  It was so cute, I remember one morning many years ago, when I was reading my daily To Do list, my so very thoughtful husband had highlighted the S.O.S. !

Now when things are hectic in the house and I need to "recharge"  I give a "I'm heading upstairs for a bit" shout out. Sweetest thing was a few months ago after I said that one of my sons said. "Going to your haven Mom"?  I like that....nice progression from the Black and Decker era.

Never too late to start your own S.O.S time. It has amazing results...honest!

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