Friday, November 11, 2011

I Choose Happiness........

People have often asked me "are you always so happy"?  "Um no".... but I can say that more often than not, when interacting with folks I am on the pleasant "chipper" side. I like people!

I recently phoned a dear friend and when her daughter answered I asked "is your Mom there please"? My friend came on the phone and chuckled. She said when she asked her daughter who it was, her daughter replied "I don't know, but it's someone pretty happy". That in turn made me chuckle and I was reminded how easy it is to spread happiness! Now I could be totally wrong and maybe she was rolling her eyes, in that.... grown ups are so goofy kind of way....but I don't think so, she's a sweetie and apparently a very good judge of character too!

So just putting it out there.........who wants to join me in making a conscious effort towards spreading a little more happiness?

Thinking over this past week and a couple of the happy moments I encountered. Walking into the post office an elderly gentlemen held open the door and let me pass in front of him. I commented  "thank you, you are a dying breed" he broke out into the biggest grin and thanked me.

Dashing into the market to grab just a couple of things, and in my own world,  I passed an elderly women struggling to reach something on the top shelf. (I see an older person theme developing here)  I extended above her and grabbed what I needed and seriously I said "let me get that for you". She smiled such an appreciative smile that it warmed my heart and I smiled too. I mean c'mon who was I to deny her Nutella?

It's truly the simple things in our day to day encounters that we can add a dash of happiness to without much effort.

So who's with me??


Deirdre said...

This is beautiful and it truly does come from being raised by beautiful people! JESUS said, "it is better to give than to recieve".

L said...

I'm with ya! Love spreading the joy from face to face as we walk this earth. Smile, give, share, help, go the extra mile.... that's all it takes.