Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bermuda Anxiety Celebration...........

As we stood in line to get our boarding passes, I could feel my eyes starting to fill with tears. When we reached the ticket counter, I was at the point of trying to steady by my quivering lower lip. When asked by the very welcoming JetBlue attendant, how I was doing today, tears were rolling down my face.

Here's what you need to know: This trip to Bermuda was 25 years in the making for me, which translated means, for both my husband and I. My hurdles and obstacles with anxiety become his, because they limit and play a role in our lives. 

Boarding the plane to Bermuda two weeks ago I was walking towards my future way of living and leaving behind the aspects of my Life that have held me/us back. Initially I thought the tears were all for fear of getting on the plane, but when I really stopped to feel the emotion, I realized it was truly a rush of many feelings ~ personal hard work, great appreciation that he has patiently stayed along for this wild ride for the last 25 years and loving the joy we have known, and that we were at this point to take an amazing trip ....oh and for sure, many of the tears were for fear of flying too.

Throughout the years of writing my blog, I have shared that one of my reasons for writing is to offer my aha! moments in the hopes that it validates, encourages, comforts and eases moments for others. The relaying of my experiences of living in the moment, gratitude and my struggles along the way, is to serve as a reminder, that you are not alone. We are all working on something.

There is a component for me that involved getting to the point of wanting to make changes in my Life. "Putting off" had gone on long enough. I was not going to let inner obstacles hold me back any longer. Soul searching and embarking on new paths started a few years ago for me, coupled by this year making a "viking oath" on New Year's Eve with friends that I WOULD make the changes in myself that I wanted to see.  (Thank you Mariann!)

I'm not saying it's a "new me" or that I have overcome the things that held me back..... I know better than to think fears and hard times disappear. (If they did we would never grow) What I know to be true is....at this time in my Life I am taking on the challenging & overwhelming obstacles I live with and making memories to last a lifetime.

So today Dear Readers I share this little reminder with big results, that when Life gets tricky and struggles are many, hard work and perseverance will lead to triumphs and tears....and keep you motivated to keep on going. 

Sharing one more piece before I sign off. I am excited to say that I am putting a voice to my blog!! I will be presenting a Connect With Your Life talk at two locations in October. I will share tips and techniques that I incorporate into my day that help me, reduce stress, strive for inner peace, live in the moment and the advantages I find of seeing the glass half full. Hope you can join me on either, Thursday, October 16th at the Cumberland Library  or on Monday, October 27th at the Weaver Library in East Providence. Both begin at 6:30 pm. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and as always feel free to email me if you like.

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