Sunday, February 23, 2014

Quote Of Encouragement ~ Or Not??

When the waves close over me, I dive down to fish for pearls.
~Masha Kaleko

When reading the quote above, my first reaction was Yes! and my second thought, (which has served as an obstacle in writing this post ) is what will others think??? how will it come across???

Somehow along the way, my positive outlook and rather more chipper than subdued personality, has lead others (ok a small handful a friend shared) to believe that things are always rosy in my world and more importantly, that I don't validate how they are feeling. When I think about it closely and try to interpret it...they feel, how "I am" doesn't allow room for how they are feeling, which creates their resentment and what I consider a misinterpretation of who I am. The furthest thing from my mind is to not be giving and compassionate. I will so work on conveying that differently for sure.

From the beginning of writing my blog, it has been important to me to keep it genuine of my thoughts...I didn't want today's entry to be an exception. So that is why I shared candidly with you Dear Readers this struggle, which is the result of a recent, eye opening, conversation that has involved a whole lot of soul searching for this Blogging Mama.

There are times in our lives when we need to take a look deep inside and see if we like what we see and where we want to make changes. I feel that my journey is evolving for sure and when aspects of Life feel a bit turbulent, you can be sure I am fishing for pearls....for both me and for you!

**  After thought........Feeling that today's post could have gone on a lot longer and probably required more to make complete sense of it all, but it is about the journey we call Life and my wanting to share mine with you, because we are all processing something, ok MANY THINGS and knowing others are processing too provides hope, comfort and that virtual High Five!


Lori said...

Maria, you know I check your blog daily to see if you have posted and that is how I usually end up being the first one to comment (if I have a comment.)
So while in the midst of waves myself, I looked to your blog (along with many other things)and the quote you posted is SO PERFECTLY suited for you and ME. It is a wonderful representation of how we handle our stresses- we look for pearls! BEAUTIFUL!

HA! This makes me want to dig out the old pearl necklace I have just to make a statement (no one will understand), but the message will resonate with my attitude: I will not let the waves overtake me! I shall be wearing a pearl necklace the next time you see me and together we shall smile! Or High Five if you want.

Kelli Wilson said...

Thank you for sharing this. I believe we can be compassionate towards others who may not have the same disposition...yet, I will not shrink myself down in order to make others more comfortable. I am a glass overfloweth kind of person and I also have days where I struggle to crack a smile. I have been taught; This too shall pass, whether you define 'this' as good, bad, painful or glorious, it is all temporary

Maria said...

Thank you for your comment Kelli. I like the way you put it "I believe we can be compassionate towards others who may not have the same disposition...yet, I will not shrink myself down in order to make others more comfortable." Definitely something for me to ponder.

The piece that is tricky, for me, is when someone doesn't share that they are going through a hard time or indicate they are feeling fragile,and are just outwardly nasty. How are we to know. Once I do I certainly try to lend support.

I too am "overfloweth" and loved receiving your comment! Thank You!

Maria said...

Hi Lori,

Love the wearing of the pearls idea!
It could be secret code and badge of honor!!!

Pearls of wisdom we can share!

Thank you for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Received Via Email:

Another good and thoughtful post Maria. Sometimes though it would be nice to be who you are without worrying about how someone else may be perceiving you. Acceptance without judgement.


Lisa Valentine said...

Thanks for your thoughts Maria! I sometimes feel the same way with my gratitude practice and blog, wondering how others perceive it.
But then I go back to the fact that it works for me. To find things to be grateful for, even in tough times, doesn't mean I am denying the tough times, it means I am trying to get through them. Staying stuck there doesn't help me or anyone else. There are only two things I control--my own attitude and actions. Practicing an attitude of gratitude helps improve my attitude and helps me take more positive actions.

Anonymous said...

Received Via Email:

So insightful with open sharing of yourself. I know this is what your blog is all about but you do it so well.


Maria said...

Lisa V. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. While reading it I was like Yes! Yes! Yes! Felt good to have that "she gets me" feeling.

Your insightful words will stay with me.

Thanks for your input ~