Friday, February 14, 2014

Never Stop Skipping......

Playful reminders have the ability to ground us, bring us back to a stress free time, and ease the tension of the moment.

I experienced that joyful reaction recently while I watched a child skipping in the library. He was so contently absorbed in his own moment, as if nothing else mattered, and that skipping was the only way to get from one area of the library to another. I found myself getting caught up in the image, and the child within me smiled and I realized "skipping should not stop when we leave childhood!" The same playfulness should also continue with jumping rope, coloring and blowing bubbles.

Really, I think all the activities that brought us joy in our childhood, should be part of our weekly schedule in adulthood. After all, if it brings us moments of contentment and awakens the happy child from within, I'm all for it. So ladies if anyone is digging out their Barbies, "can I come ova 'n play????" "Sorry Mom I know you taught me to never invite myself over to a friend's...but it's Barbies!!!"

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Lori said...

Maria, when I moved away from my home town and got an apartment (not my first but my first one far away) I bought a coloring book, crayons and a Barbie "just in case" I had little visitors. I knew I was buying them for myself! Your post reminded me of that time. Just for the record: I did wait to use them until I had a friend's daughter come for a visit. I was the first one to set up a make-shift Barbie house and do her hair in a long braid. Come to think of it, that was... twenty years ago.... where did the time go?