Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm Uncomfortable.................

As I said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed 2014, surrounded by friends, I took an oath to be part of something new and "mix things up". I was feeling the itch. You know that antsy feeling of being stagnant with a few aspects in your Life and it then effects even the things that once felt good? That's where I was.

Ready for change, I began formulating my plan. So many ideas. My first attempt was shot down, because it needed to be accepted and approved by someone else. A Blessing in disguise, the experience empowered me to take hold of the reigns (which quite honestly makes reigns) and set out on a search.  I have put a few things in "go" mode and eagerly work on them weekly.

One has resulted in my taking on an additional part time job, with the elderly, in the activities department. 

The first week, is where it got uncomfortable. It confirmed for me......

The unknown.........makes me uncomfortable

Meeting new people & having them get to know me......makes me uncomfortable

Wandering around the building, not always sure where to go...what to do.... makes me uncomfortable

Being responsible for the residents safety when they are in my care.......makes me uncomfortable

Thinking about the germ exposure.....makes me uncomfortable

Coming home & thinking "am I liking this"...makes me uncomfortable

....and then it afternoon this week while these wonderful people sat in their wheel chairs, all together in a large room, while songs of the 50's blared out from the speakers, I be-bopped around them dancing and smiling and watching their wrinkly silk  hands start to move and respond. It warmed my heart to see the glistening of delight in their eyes. A few even got up to dance! (must say I became a tad concerned, but I had completed CPR certification the day prior and heck we were having fun)

Along with fellow coworkers, we danced to one song after another and marveled at their enjoyment of songs from years gone by. I stopped and honestly thought "I am so glad I am here and having this experience!!" The feeling of being uncomfortable is quickly easing!

As I drove home, I truly gave thanks for not making any quick decisions.

The experience is a Life lesson worth sharing for sure. When Life feels uncomfortable and our response is to quickly make it stop, hang in there, listen to your heart and...... wait for the dance!

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Lori said...

This is one of your Best posts EVER.

SO honest, So wonderful!

Thanks for sharing!