Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Simple Touches.............

Cafe' Holme...Table for two
Recently I have been reminded how little touches & small efforts can create a smile, warm a heart and just down right feel good. This past week I have been mindful of just those things. I've made efforts & captured in pictures what my heart and mind are eager to remember. Call it living in the moment, being grateful for what you have or so important....what you create!

Frequently I write about touching lives with kindness, making a difference for those around us and sharing our powers for good (July 31st post) with the world. All so very important, but I feel it is so essential as well, to treat ourselves with the same tenderness and gratitude. It refills our levels, serves as a reward for all that we do and in many cases encourages others to do the same.

This is why I share my thoughts with you Dear Readers. To perhaps spark an aha! moment that inspires you to see things differently, mix things up and make moments feel new and to serve as a reminder of all that you are capable of and deserve! 

So c'mon what are you going to choose to do today???

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