Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today's Morning Pep Talk......

A Gift for yourself and others

Lounging in bed very early, cool breeze finally coming in from the window, bed is feeling cozy, a book is calling..."read me" and I don't feel like getting my day started just yet. OK a pep talk is definitely in order!

"C'mon there are great things about this day that are waiting to be discovered. (Gotta love Hope) In Life we connect the dots after moments and events happen and we can see what played a role in getting us to where we want to be. Perhaps today there will be a moment that will later be the dot that helps me connect a dream or vision."

"There is so much we can't control in the world, but there is soooo much we can.... about ourselves as we take this Journey of Life!"

Have a vision/goal/dream: immediate or long term

Put Steps in Place: goals to get you there & get the momentum/ excitement building

Start Making Steps:tackle both the easy & harder ones, however small they need to be at first

Happy Dance: As results start happening (because you made the effort and they will) acknowledge what you have done and rejoice...every step of the way!

The little extra piece that makes it feel fun for me, is that I may encounter someone today that has had a similar pep talk and are on their own vision/dream plan and together we will feel the vibration of supporting each other!

Hope to see ya'!

Cheers ~

** Author's Note: today's post was inspired by conversation with my wonderful family last night. My husband frequently talks about connecting the dots and inspires me daily ~

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Lori said...

Some people line up the dots in order to control the outcome. Others connect the dots and marvel in the wonder of it all. I know you like to have your dots lined up....but I am thrilled to hear you realizing the joy of connecting the dots that are already there or will soon appear thus creating yet another enlightening segment of your life.

Cheers to you too!