Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happier At Home.... Part 2....


Quick recap: Recently I discovered author Gretchen Rubin. It was like finding a new friend who understood the thoughts in my head and has the amazing talent to sort them out and make sense of it all and then put them into words. A treasure to find!

I am setting out on my own discovery using her second project "Happier At Home" as my guide and blogging about it along the way.

"Happier At Home" welcomed me with sharing insight and ground work from her first project "The Happiness Project" that seems to pave the way for this leg of the journey. I'll back track and take on "The Happiness Project" sometime in the near future for sure.

With notebook and sticky notes in hand I began reading, in the hopes of discovering points of interest that I would put into practice and share here with my Dear Readers. Well, I was not disappointed. 

A point that I found interesting, that was included in the book..research and statistics indicate, that roughly  30 - 50% of happiness is genetically determined. Well, now that explains a lot, given the number of less then cheerful people I encounter on any give day. I will look at those folks differently now, knowing they need a little extra encouragement.

From the start, I realized the importance and direction of the book.It was important that I understood the value of identifying what "suits me"! It ( by "it" I mean "me") doesn't have to make sense to others, there is no need for me to feel I have to justify my happiness, where it takes me or the "why" of it all. 

I really like the way the author Gretchen Rubin states that idea with the simple words "SUITS ME". I like it! I will use it for myself  and also keep it's meaning in mind when recognizing it in others. When I'm not understanding the WHY of them, I will remember "it is what SUITS THEM." 

I know for me, I frequently feel that my happy personality is misinterpreted. I then read the next few pages and discovered something that felt like a high five coming out of the book towards me. It reads: "In general, happiness doesn't make people want to drink daiquiris on the beach: it makes them want to help rural villagers gain better access to clean water!"  YES......that makes so much sense to me!!!

As I completed the first chapter I was reminded of  the importance of staying true to ME and what I feel is best for my family. It is the foundation needed as I make my list of which areas within my home and personal Life I want to be happier in!

In my next post I will share my list and where it is taking me.

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Bravo Maria! What an excellent post!