Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In My Heart......It's Time......

Believe in your heart!

You know when you know something to be true, but all indications are telling you differently? You're left with bewilderment and confusion. Well, that's what it is like for us folks here in New England today. The calendar tells us it's the first day of Spring, however early this morning the thermometer read 28, there was snow on the ground and roads were icy.

I want to believe Spring is here...I NEED to believe Spring is here. It is time for all that Spring means. Waking to the sound of birds, ice cream shops opening their take out windows, lighter clothes.... ahh my light blue poncho with darker blue fringe from when I was 7...I can still picture it! Walks after dinner, furry buds on the magnolia tree, mud, robins looking for worms, a skip in everyone's step. OK not literally a skip, but you can really see it in people. It's as if everyone is sprinkled with a bit of happiness that winter is over.

So until Mother Nature cooperates and sends us the appropriate weather for Spring, I am just going to pretend it is best I can...probably too soon for flip flops...but I will put a skip in my step, go for a walk after dinner and find an ice cream shop ready to open their take out window.

When you believe in your heart something is just have to make it happen! Today I believe it is Spring. More lightness, less darkness.....It is time for new beginnings.....time to grow.........time to spread my wings and soar!

What does your Spring hold?

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