Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comin' Back Around............

Typically my Wednesday posts consist of a quote that has spoken to me, one that I look to share, reflecting on my own interpretation. This week however I deviate to share a story that I just feel compelled to write about..............

Last night my dear Mom called to say "I've got a story for you!" "Today while checking out at the local market, I went to pay and you know they only take cash? I had $68.00 on me and I thought I had a hidden $100 bill" (ok side note for safety sake, Mom does not generally carry that kind of money on her, it was a rarity)

She asked the cashier if she could hold the items for her and she would be back later. The women behind her asked how much she was sweet Mom said "oh no that is fine I will come back". The young women asked the cashier and was told around $20.00. The gracious women insisted and said to my Mom.."in the spirit of Christmas please let me do this!"

Mom was taken aback and very appreciative. When loading the car my Mom noticed the same women loading hers. Once again my Mom expressed her appreciation and gratitude. My mom asked, "could I at least have your first name? My husband and I pray together each day and we would like to include you in our prayers." The women sweetly replied " Sure, I could really use some help."

As my Mom told me of her experience of earlier in the day I couldn't help but smile. Mom is always the one on the giving end. Delivering food to the elderly, talks to everyone and believe me I mean everyone, heck she was the first to jump on board with my Smiles and Stars Outing (you can read that post on my Dec 2nd entry) and approach the first stranger.

It felt great to hear Mom was on the receiving end of such an Act of Kindness. Something she greatly deserves. To feel that goodness that she frequently brings to others.

My wheels are turning now as I am about to head out on errands. I want share goodness in the hopes of it landing on some one who frequently does for others... in a a pay it forward kind of way.

So please if daily prayers are part of your routine, please keep Cheryl yours. She can use them. She was a Christmas Angel to my Mom. One who reminds us all that we can truly touch someone's Life .. and to quote my Mom "she blew me away."   ~ Thank you Cheryl ~

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