Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lesson Learned..............

On a recent weekend, I woke to a rainy morning....and smiled. Granted that's because my schedule allowed me to stay in bed and just chill~ax. There's something about a lazy, rainy weekend morning, that just feels good to me. I began perusing through magazines that had been cast aside due to lack of time, watched a little trash TV, and caught up on Words With Friends matches. Then it hit me, about 13 minutes into my time of leisure/time for me, a gnawing need to get up and be productive..self I compromised with myself...I got up, folded a load of laundry, scrubbed a toilet or two, washed the kitchen sink, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, put away random stuff through out the house and then...dashed back to bed!

Feeling ready now for time for me, I situated myself again to enjoy the sound of rain and the cozy comfort of my surroundings.....only to find 5 minutes later.......the rain stopped and the sun come moment had passed!

Now you may think the lesson learned here is to take advantage of "the moment" before it passes. Perhaps, I should have stayed in bed, and stuck to my original plan to recharge myself mentally and fore-go the "house stuff" for an hour or so....and in fact I believe that to be very true, but an equally important lesson........moments can be made...even in the sunshine and most definitely for more than 13 minutes.

So I'm grabbing hold and making "moments".  Some with family and some just for me ......which ultimately we know is really for others too....because when we feel tended to........the more we want to do for others!


Liz LaCroix Boehmke said...

Precious moment while I read this. Thank you for writing great ideas!

Maria said...

Thanks,Liz! You brought a smile to my face.