Sunday, September 23, 2012

Give It Time..................

Now I consider myself to be a fairly astute person, one who is aware of many a fault I must admit, because I go into sensory overload pretty easily.....and well then that's a slippery slope. However, this post is not about that at I'll promptly redirect myself.

Today I want to sort through why I let nagging things pile up until they become stressful to me. Let me explain. Recently, I had a collection of 3 tasks that I needed to accomplish. I knew of them...but I was avoiding them. 

Now we are not talking anything major mind you....and that's what baffles me all the more. 

1. Needed to tackle setting up a Facebook account for an Arts Council, that I am a member of. Wanted it to have a certain URL address, figured it would stump I put it off....

2. the back up I had created of all my blog posts was empty!! That made me anxious in case my entries suddenly disappeared from online. I would be heartbroken and concerned I could never get them back. Thought about saving them again and even left myself a neon post it note on the computer that read "must back up Blog!!!"...but I put it off......

3. could not find my camera after returning  from a recent overnight...feared I had lost it, or had I? I needed to look for it.....but I put it off.....

Finally woke (both literally & figuratively) with an "enough is enough" attitude and demanded more of myself. I was determined to get started and stick with it. In a nutshell, within two and a half hours all three tasks were completed.......and successfully too I must add. 

So here is what I figured out.....the thought of tackling each of the tasks was far more daunting and actually unrealistic than it needed to be. Once I did not allow myself to escape it any more, I realistically discovered it wasn't that tough at all. 

I simply (although it didn't feel simple at the time) needed to stick with each one, longer than "it's going to be tough" and allow myself the time to tackle them. 

Can I tell you......they were each a nagging stress, that I really didn't need....but so glad they happened. As I say to my kids "we'll put that in the live and learn category." 

Moving forward I won't let something like that happen again. No longer will I allow my apprehensions to hold me back!

So what are you putting off???? Go ahead and do it!........and see how good it deserve it!

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