Monday, April 2, 2012

Wonderful Memories......

While finally tackling a closet that had been calling my name for quite some time to clean, which had clearly been landing on deaf ears....I found something that tossed me back in time. Back to a time when I was a new Mom. A harried "am I doing everything right" kind of Mom (gee so glad that that has eased....yeah right)

Take the journey with me won't you....about 17 years. My son was 11 months old. He and I were out on errands when I heard the DJ on the radio broadcasting from a local craft store, that they had a table set up for children to come in and make Father's Day t-shirts.

Sounded like fun to me. It was going to be "First Father's Day" in our house and what better for an artsy Dad, than to receive a t-shirt decorated by his first born.

Well, looking at the supplies available on the craft table, I realized there wasn't really anything that an 11 month old could actually "do".  So we scooted down the "stamping" aisle and I searched for a fun color ink pad. Teal blue would do. It was the early 90's, a very "in" color.

Back at the table I stretched out his pudgy little hands, inked them up and facilitated teal hand prints on a white t shirt....clearly one of a kind.

I began getting a little anxious when the project started turning messier than I anticipated and my restless "artist" had really had enough. I did have a little rush that this was still a very sweet gift (even if not quite all five fingers were represented).

With wet wipes, a wet inked t-shirt, and a hungry, wet child I dashed out of the store. I was feeling confident in my choice to take on such a project, until I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my dear child with his hands in his mouth and teal blue covering that precious grin. 

Now, I know I made sure it was non toxic ink, but it still felt poisonous to this new Mom. I tried to calm and reassure myself that it was all fine.

With confidence back in check, all was good... until I turned on the radio and the DJs were saying "did you see that Mom using ink on her kids hands to decorate the t-shirt...don't know how safe THAT was"! 

I love that finding that teal ink pad almost 20 years later, brought it all rushing back. Serving as a reminder that Life is a journey and mine has been truly Blessed!

As a brief side note.....After finding the ink pad I wrapped it in a plastic bag and tucked it back in the closet. So when I clean it out again, in another 20 years, I can have the same wonderful memory all over again!

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