Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces......

As I sit to write this post, I contemplate the thoughts I want to share. It has been my belief from the start of my blog, that I would let it take it's own direction.

Not to think too much and simply capture what is on my mind at the moment and call it a post. Sharing a part of me.....

Well, that method is feeling a bit trickier today as I find myself thinking....too much and questioning too much...will it be interesting? will people stop back and read it again? do I have to be chipper all the time? do people want to hear that it delights me to see a purple crocus? will my post have substance? will my oldest son cringe yet again at my grammatical errors? will it confirm to others that I am "out there"?

And then it hit me that my predicament is similar to when I ask my almost 15 year old son to help me with a computer "how to" question. My go to tech guy...his response is pretty much the same each time... "try what you think....don't be afraid to make a mistake, Mom, your options are there".

He is right, I'll say that again for his benefit (even though he assures me he means to read my blog at some point... ) but he is right! The apprehension that holds me back from downloading something to my mp3 player or trying a new software on my own, is the same that prevents me today.....being concerned I'll make a mistake. 

So here's my thoughts for today. A bit jumbled,  but it's making sense in my head...Some days we are more confident then others (and by others I mean days and people).  That's why some situations are smoother than others. One is not right or wrong they are simply different and effect our responses accordingly. 

And as my son said "our options are there" and ready for our use. Today, I have chosen to share my scattered thoughts, with the foundation of my blog in place......to share a part of me!


Lori said...

Maria, I smiled through the entire post as I followed your "Bits and Pieces." What you said captures the beauty of a blog. That is, putting yourself out there and letting people get to know you....from the inside- out! I truly enjoy this avenue you have taken. Blog away my friend....you are a beautiful person to follow!

Maria said...

Lori, as you know there are gifts in every day. Thank you for starting mine with such a great one! Your thoughts/words will take me far my friend. Thanks for being you!