Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Little Thanks...................

Today while out on errands I made a mental note of things I am Thankful for....... this list is above and beyond my many blessings of family, friends, shelter and good health, those of which I give thanks for daily. These are the smaller things, that make me happy and I am grateful for as well ~

The wonderful smell of vanilla sugar soap, peppermint body lotion and cloves
The feel of the fleece blanket around me while I type this
Giggles of a toddler in the store this morning
The design frost makes on my windshield
Buying a little something for a friend,because when I saw it I thought of her
A text that makes me smile when I read it
The sound of my son in the attic as he cleans and organizes...YAY!
Literally chuckling out loud when I think about dinner conversation last night
Fitting time into each day to do even just a little something for me
Soup and crackers on this chilly day 
The feeling of contentment as I sit at a red light and take three deep breaths
"Blog Time"
Warm towels ready to be folded and the memory of when the boys were little, they would come running, so I could put the warmth on their smiling faces

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