Monday, January 18, 2016

Come On Over..........

Yikes and Oh No! Recently I was told that folks who have enjoyed my More Than Mom Thoughts blog in the past did not realize they need to sign up on my new blog, Connect With Your Life to receive email updates that I've posted something new. New blog, New name...Same Me

Here's a few easy steps to be back on track to reading my entries and getting your dose of connecting, relaxing and finding motivation!

1. Click here to go to my current blog Connect With Your Life

2. Look to the upper right corner where it says FOLLOW BY EMAIL

3. Fill in your email address...almost done

4. Here's the clincher!!! 
   Go to your email inbox, there should be an email from Feedburner (host of the notifications) *Open that email & follow directions how to confirm your sign up!

Now you will be back in business and on your way with my tips, techniques and stories of my journey, all in an effort to help you.....Connect With Your Life!

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